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back into the low 30s off to the north and west. mid upper 30s here in the city. going to be another cool one today. definitely jacket weather. highs will be in the upper 40s to about 50. big change from yesterday. you can see it there working south and north. and rain showers down in the carolinas. not concerned with the rain. we have high pressure protecting us. the cloud cover will remain thick here throughout the day. a few peaks of sunshine. the trend will be a lot more clouds than what we had around here yesterday. 44 in washington. 38 out of dulles. high temperatures today top out in the upper 40s to about 50. that's about 10 degrees below normal for the middle of november. 50 here in washington. 45 in winchester. cool afternoon. definitely jacket weather. i'll have
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details on your weekend forecast in just a minute. back up stairs to both of you. >> all right. thank you very much. we begin with breaking news this morning involving the deadly gulf oil spill back in 2010. bp will pay billions of dollars as part of a settlement. a person familiar with the case also says that two bp employees will face manslaughter charges. you'll recall that 11 people died in the explosion and millions of gallons of oil tainted the gulf leading to a ban on deep water drilling. >> we're also following breaking news closer to home. a swat team is called to a tomorrow in district heights. >> melanie is live at the scene with the very latest. what's happening? >> reporter: good morning. there's still more than a dozen fbi agents and support staff here. you can see over there the house we're focusing on is
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6709 kipling parkway. and there's agents up around the corner too. looks like they may be beginning to wrap up the investigation. i saw them bringing bags of items out the front door of the house. this unfolded around 6:30 this morning. neighbors told me they heard two loud bangs. we're not clear if that was the sound of gunshots or the door of the house being kicked in. we are told fbi agents were serving some sort of a warrant. one person inside the home was shot. we believe that person may be the female. they do say they do not have an update on that person's condition. they also say that no fbi agents were injured in this incident as well. so that is the latest we can tell you. we don't know what kind of a warrant that was being served. another thing we saw, we went around the other
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side of the neighborhood towards the back of this house that's cordoned off and we saw agents bringing a young man out of the back of the house as well. he was not in custody but he did not look like he was pleased to be going off with fbi agents. the best we can say is this investigation is continuing. no fbi agents have been injured. but one person in the home ended up being shot by someone in the fbi. of course there needs to be a thorough and complete investigation. that is the latest here, back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> a deadly shooting in east river dale maryland. the gunfire erupted around 7:30 last night. investigators say a woman allowed a deputy into the home and then while talking with her, a man appeared with a gun. the deputy shot the unidentified
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39-year-old man who later died. investigators are still looking for the man who shot a wal-mart worker in laurel. there is the suspect on surveillance images. take a look for yourselves. happened around 4:00 a.m. yesterday. took cash from the store before shooting the victim outside in the parking lot. police also responded to a car fire in a nearby neighborhood shortly afterwards and believed it was the suspect's get away car. the employee is recovering at the hospital. >> and the top story this hour, congressional hearings against the attack in libya begin today. it's tomorrow's closed door hearing that everyone is waiting for. wisdom martin is in the news room with all the new evelopments. >> as you just mentioned, today three committees in congress will start looking into the attack that happened in september. president obama
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addressed the on going controversy. four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. several republicans are calling for a water gate style hearing and much of the anger has focused on susan rice. the u.s. ambassador for the united nations. >> for them to go after the un ambassador who had nothing to do with benghazi and simply making a presentation based on intelligence she had received and to smerch her reputation is outrageous. >> the american people deserve the facts. the american people need to know why was the security so inadequate despite two previous attacks on that facility. what did the president know? when did he know it and what did he do about it? >> ambassador rice's remarks will not affect nomination as
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secretary of state. >> also former cia director david patraeus will testify at a closed door hearing on the libra attack tomorrow. there will be no cameras allowed. only about libya and not about the sex scandal involving paula b he expects the patraeus resignation will also be addressed during the libya hearings when they happen. we have learned the army has suspended paula broadwell's security clearance. she is a former army intelligence officer and we can tell you that fbi special agent frederick finds himself. he took the case to the republicans when he thought it was being stalled for political reasons. his claim is unjustified. played a key roll in stopping a terrorist attack
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aimed at blowing up lax back in 2000. there is speculation that susan rice could be nominated to become the next secretary of state. republican leaders are vowing to block that nomination. >> all right. wisdom martin. thank you. >> in the meantime more deadly violence in the mid east. militants hit back and killed three israelis today. the deaths of the first in israel since it launched an operation with the assassination of a cop commander. that was followed by on slot of airstrikes by tanks and naval gun belts. two children and 7 militants were killed. and a storage unit was destroyed. the founder of the software company mcaffee says he is in hiding fearing for his life. john is a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor. he
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was found inside his home with a gun shot wound to the head over the weekend. police say they want to question mcaffee but he says police want to kill him. he admits the two had their difference. >> i did not kill him. good lord. i just can't concede in myself doing anything like this. if i'm a suspect, why are they arresting my friends? why did they army caretaker, my housekeeper. my security guard. >> this is not mcafee's first one in with the law. earlier this year police raided his home after he was accused holding firearms most of which were found to be licensed. >> new this morning a delay in the trial of james holmes, the accused gunman in the movie theater massacre in colorado. he was supposed to appear in court toy but a judge granted
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his team a delay after holmes was rushed to the hospital as serious but undisclosed the condition. there are reports holmes has tried several times to take his own life. he is accused of opening fire during a midnight showing of the dark night rises back in july. 12 people were killed and 58 injured. >> closer to home, law makers on capitol hill are trying to get to the bottom of amen jiets out break. the house energy and commerce subcommittee says it will investigate. 32 people have died. more than 400 sickened. the wife of a man who died says justice needs to be served. >> whoever is responsible, i want them to know their lack of attention to their duties cost my husband his life.
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cost my family, cost them a loss we'll never recover from. >> the owner of the pharmacy linked to the tainted drug has pleaded the 5th. >> hundreds of prince georges county police officers have begun getting their pay raises. arbitrators ruled in september the county must make up of four years of pay raises. 8%. although some are seeing as much as 12%. the immediate cost to the county is about $8 million. a public meeting scheduled for later today will allow residents to comment on the decision to close public schools. two dozen schools are targeted foreclosure. the meeting will be at the wilson building. looks like the first lady has some fashion competition from the first daughters. >> the torch has been passed and designers are turning to
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sasha and malia for inspiration. what happens after the break. it's 9:10. 
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they are only 14 and 11 years old. but president obama's daughters are causing fashion insiders to stop and take notice. following in their mother's footsteps. the girls are making quite the fashion statement. young girls the country and fashion designers are taking notice. and joining us live is washington d.c. fashion editor liz who writes a daily web site called so much to smile about which i love. >> thank you. >> and your blog looks at the latest in dc. and we're not known for being this fashion al
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place. >> right. that's absolutely changing and it's exciting to see that. >> i love that. one web site said there's a triple fashion threat from the white house. talk about what's going on at the white house with regard to style. >> yeah. michelle obama has been in the fashion spotlight for some time now. but with president obama serving another four years and the first daughters are a little bit older, we're definitely going to see more of what they are wearing and paying attention to the designers. >> it's funny because this is election night and this is the family on stage here. and i must say, i love those outfits those girls have on. and i did take notice. >> sasha wore a gorgeous skirt. but they are known for wearing more affordable pieces. and that skirt she wore on election night was worn by malia at a state dinner in 2011. rerare pieces and hand them down.
9:16 am
>> we were showing pictures of the obamas out and about. you can see some of the fashion forward thinking we're talking about. one thing i like about it is they are still relatively young. 14 and 11. they are not dressed too grown for their age or too flirty. but it's trendy and age appropriate. how do they capture that and really how can all of us do that? >> yeah. absolutely. what they do really well and they take after their mother. is they are not afraid of color. they'll wear bright pops of color whether it's in the belt or a bright blue coat. and i love the a-line skirts they wear a lot. so playing with patterns. it's very fun. >> we just took the picture down. i was going to ask you. there you go. the belts. the first lady -- we see there malia she has the belt there.
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and sasha with that v neck. rebecca tailor the designer says malia was that perfect fashion plate. she's tall. so how do we all sort of achieve that too? are there style tips you can pass along? >> yeah, i think it would be not afraid to tricol or. not afraid to mix colors. color blocking is a really easy way to achieve that fashion forward but still put together looks. definitely dc people can achieve that. that's not too far out. and just have fun with it. definitely. >> looking tattoo. you mentioned the first lady you can see her stamp on those outfits. is it like miniature first ladies. is that how you would classify it? >> in some respects but they still look so youthful. they can do a lot more with it. i would say it looks like they put their own spin on it.
9:18 am
i'm hoping they had their own spin. >> i have three girls. they will tell you what they don't want to wear. before you say their people still dress people, they still have to wear it. before we let you go, i know the belt in one of those outfits was from zara. what are other stores? >> anthropology is great. i love h&m. forever 21. >> so mixing and matching. absolutely. if you have a higher end piece designer that is classic. pair it with a trender more affordable piece. work really well together. >> did we get toyour notes? did i miss something? >> yeah: . >> good. she is the owner and editor of so much to smile about. that is the dc fashion and instyle web site. thank you for talking to us. >> absolutely. >> tony, over to you. >> thank you very much.
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maryland live is looking to double its workforce. how you can take part ahead. but first. >> i'm not going to let one thing slow me down. >> inspirational words from a truly inspiring man. wounded warriors take red white and blue to the sky. we're going to show you their sky dive next. now it's time to check in with holly. >> reporter: and now it's time to start celebrating the holidays. come out to the national harbor where we are live and shrek the halls opens tomorrow. we're getting the first inside look today. this is such a big deal. the big man himself taking a break from the north poll. he's going to join us live later. ter.
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sky divers on a mission to inspire with the help of a
9:23 am
professional sky diving team called fast tracks. wounded warriors have an opportunity. jumped yesterday from a plane carrying with them the american flag. landed at walter reed medical center. very cool. some good news for those looking for a job in maryland. the state's largest casino said it will double the size of the workforce. >> double down. anyway. this comes after voters approved question 7 which allows table games. the casino will hire 1200 new workers to accommodate the table games. the new employees will be trained as card dealers. looking to expanded hours to offer gaming 24 hours a day. that magic 8 ball or little green army men. dominoes or star wars action figures. which belong in the national toy hall
9:24 am
of fame? >> we'll find out later this morning when the 2012 inductees are announced. i guess they've been announced. no the inductees will be announced. these are the nominees. only 2 of the 12 will make it. almost all these toys deserve to be in. other nominees include the board game clue. light brite. the pogo stick. corn popper. that's the thing we all had as a kid. >> sidewalk chalk. , tea sets, simon and twister. we'll find out later. >> the final installment of the franchise will hit theaters at midnight. our movie reviewer had a chance to sit down with
9:25 am
the actors. the series comes to an end. >> tucker is happy it's ending. first, take a moment to listen to the relaxing music we're hearing this morning. tia fuller is live in studio. she has performed with beyonce and the leader of her own quartet. stick around. be back with her and more. 9:25.
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welcome back, everybody. it's 9:28. good looking day. we know it's chilly . 44 degrees. can't complain what we're looking at. >> looking good. >> constantly cool and cloudy. >> that shot doesn't look too bad. >> that was my working hard with our producer. >> constantly cool and cloudy. >> i think it's fine. >> thank you, tony. >> i wish we had had another
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seat. like cloud cover. constantly cool with cloud cover. >> that would be better. >> we should have a contest. >> oh, people. not among ourselves. >> right tony? >> that's not going to happen. >> okay. >> we'll work on that. weather forecast. we've got cool conditions and it will be cloudy today constantly so. as we've got a system down in the carolinas. we're not going to see rain here. it looks and feels like rain but it is going to be chilly. currently 44 in washington. 36 in frederick. 33 in martinsburg. dulles i don't think got there but low to mid 30s. 45 in leonard town. all of us upper 40s to 50 with the exption of our viewers here off to the north and west.
9:30 am
mid 40s today. only middle november and these temperatures running about 10 degrees or so below average. satellite radar there. still cool conditions will be around. a lot more in the way of cloud cover. if you are watching out toward the west. i think you've got a better chance of sunshine. we may see peaks of sunshine during the course of the day. the trend will keep things cloudy around here. off to the south, the rain showers will be pushed out to sea as high pressure to the north and west will nose in here later this afternoon and tonight. here's a look at service features. nice and dry for the next several days and the trend will get the cloud cover and rain shower far enough away. tomorrow generally sunny and a little warmer and keep the sunshine around for the weekend. the forecast gets better from here. 50 today. plenty of clouds. might be a few peaks of sunshine.
9:31 am
still cool. our afternoon highs should be in the upper 50s. and there's your accu weather 7 day forecast. lots of sunshine. sunday, we had showers in the forecast. yesterday, we've taken it out. partly sunny and low 50s. and then maybe showers around here on monday. that's a look at the weather forecast. tony, back over to you. >> all right. thank you very much. it is no surprise our next guest as the privilege of working with stars like beyonce and many others. tia fuller does not only become one with the saxophone but studied music for years. she is in town for a performance with the tia fuller quartet. first she has stopped by our studio. >> hi. how are you doing? >> good. you've been on the road quite a bit with your quartet and also you travel with beyonce. you are a trained jazz musician.
9:32 am
>> yes. >> and we mention your studies we mention it for a reason. you have all kinds of degrees in music theory right? >> yeah. i got my masters in jazz. >> petagogee is the art and science of teaching. and so i conducted a lot of classes for jazz and led big bands and combos. i'm doing a lot of teaching. later on today i'm going to an elementary school. >> that's wonderful. so what's it like on the road with beyonce? >> it's amazing. it's been transformation al for me. she's an extraordinary artist and see how she functions and works, i'm able to implement and feel some of those things she does that is working. >> and tell us about the
9:33 am
quartet. it's a very different animal and what people can see tonight if they come out. >> tonight, the quartet is comprised of four of us. myself, my sister, mimi jones is base. and ej is joining us on drums. we're playing songs off my latest release. and it is a different animal from beyonce. jazz in general you have a lot of flexibility with the creativity. every night something different happens. really exciting. >> we have information about the show. we'll put that up. it is tonight. you can see the quartet. >> do we have a cd? show time is 7:30. and the most recent release is angelic warrior.
9:34 am
>> what are you going to play for us? >> i'm going to play a song cherakee. it's a new wave. >> all right. good luck with that. >> thank you. >> here she is tia fuller. >> ♪ [ music from saxophone ] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪  well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase.
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and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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i feel like i'm on regis and kelly. >> with that music. yeah. kind a . is it me? oh, the twilight movie franchise opens -- now you know you are not working with regis. opens tomorrow with breaking down part 2. >> actors sat down with movie reviewer to talk about what her characters teach her about her
9:40 am
own personality. >> christine stewart speculates about whether twilight would have been good as a musical. >> if you could drop the twilight cast into a classic film who would it be? >> i imagine them in greece. imagine them in like west side story or something. i don't know why. i always imagine like before we did any scenes. let's do the musical version and then our version and a parody version. >> this process throughout your career, you've gone through an emotional trance pour medication and breaking down you hit that physical transformation. looking back, what is the role you transformed emotional most for? >> genuine transformations, i find it's so crazy to see you
9:41 am
can be a different person. you read something and something about it surprises you about yourself. you go i responded to something i didn't know i had inside of me. so making the movie is figuring out why you responded that way. so i never really felt like i was being somebody else. i felt like i was finding a different aspect. >> your character when she wakes up, she realizes all these enhancements. she can see things differently. you've had ups and downs as a vampire. as an actor in this business, what are the upsides of being an actress and what are the down sides? >> i've been working so much. and i love that. i would go -- i really love being challenged. right now maybe i'm 22 it's an age you want to use what you've got. you have so much bubbling underneath the surface and you
9:42 am
really let a lot out as an actor. so that's my favorite thing. i love feeling challenged. it's hard to achieve. i'm really lucky for that. and the down side of being an actress in hollywood. it's weird. it's hard to be specific about it. you start to sound like you -- obviously, i don't really know anybody that loves paparazzi but at the same time it's like i don't care. it's so worth it. >> can we get a freeze frame on the hair. that's kind of now -- thank you for that. right now prepared garden s and trees. >> during that piece. >> what should you do with all
9:43 am
of your supplies? >> planters, fertilizers, derek thomas is here with us. this is a thursday and we like to spend our time with derek on thursdays. he's going to tell us how to get your plants to survive the cold. that's coming up next. >> if you think it's cold outside, you haven't visited ice. holly is taking us to shrek the halls. back with more of that. it's 9:43. :43. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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well, this morning, we are learning all about ice. that's the latest wintertime fun event for national harbor. based on dream works shrek the halls. and holly joins us live with
9:47 am
more. >> reporter: you guys are over the top. >> how about that? >> reporter: maybe the 9 degrees is getting to me. i can tell you how impressive this is. when really important people show up and tell you how amazing it is. then that's a different story. if you listen quietly you might hear some bells and coming around the corner right now as we speak i think you'll recognize him. oh, santa. look at him. this is a very busy time at the north pole for santa. taking a break, coming out here. he loves to come to national harbor. >> so good to see you holly. >> oh, santa so good to see you. i know you are busy. >> you are on the good list
9:48 am
this year. >> i fooled him again. what are you doing at national harbor? >> here to visit all the boys and girls and hopefully spread love and hope and joy while i'm here. >> what do you think of this? >> this is amazing. absolutely breathtaking. >> i think maybe you can take pictures of this and inspire the elves to create a little winter wonderland like this for you. >> we have a winter wonderland all year long but this is amazing. i love this. >> how are things shaping up this year so far? >> well, most everybody's been good this year. hot wheels are still very popular. >> really? >> uh-huh. and we can't forget legos and barbies. >> my personal favorite. i have a 1 year old that is
9:49 am
anxiously awaiting your arrival. >> i'll have special surprises for him. >> very good. thank you so much. >> merry christmas. >> you can have lunch with santa. he's here every sunday. come on in here . because i have amy standing by once again. we've been focusing on ice all morning long. this is just a gem in the bigger picture. ice is a signature attraction. the reason why a lot of people come to visit us during the holiday season. there's so much going on here and at the gaylord national hotel. >> we got pictures of the ginger bread house. >> the character from the shrek movies and you can decorate a ginger bread house. and we can create a ginger bread house right there in gingy's bakeshop. >> get to take it home with you? >> you do.
9:50 am
and you get a photo with gingy. >> excellent. also you have a very cool train ride. >> yes. a train that the little kids can ride on. the parents can ride too. everyone loves it and positioned underneath our 60 foot tall christmas tree. if you haven't seen it, it is amazing. it is suspended and all made out of synthetic candy glass. >> we have a video of what goes on. it snows at night. you have a lighting . tell me about some of the highlights. >> we have twinkling lights. every night at 6 :30 there is a tree lighting show where we light the tree. there's music, the fountain show that shoots 60 feet high. >> unfortunately we didn't have that video but maybe this video. i'm going to take you back a year ago. this is you and me
9:51 am
when we did ice last year. you and i were very large. we had more padding. >> we did. both of us were expecting. >> we were both pregnant at this time last year. >> i'm not sure that was you and me. okay. there we are. very pregnant. i had had entwo weeks later. you had caleb about a month and a half later. here's the real gift. bring them on over. >> this is my little boy. >> he is in his own little ice parka. all bundled up. is this the best gift you've ever gotten? >> it is. this will be his first christmas. >> hayden was going to be here but he has a terrible cold and ear infections. i thought i was a good parent to not bring him. but there he is.
9:52 am
there's my little blessing also in his blue ice parka. all right. listen, so much family fun. runs for 52 days. you have it through january 26th. is our web site. come on out and enjoy. do you mind if i'm on your christmas card this year? this would make a good christmas card. >> i wish hayden could have been there. we hope he feels better. >> i know i'm so sad. >> with the weather getting colder time to store your garden tools so they will make it through the winter in one piece and not all cracked up and rusty. joining us is our garden expert derek thomas. we don't want to be to be rusty and cracked up. >> no, we don't. i have to remind our viewers to follow me on twitter@@thomasgardenguy.
9:53 am
and we have to give a shout out to the guys at kettering shopping center. they watch you loyally. >> good morning. >> i told them i'd give them a shout out. >> here's the deal. what usually ends up happening at this time of the year is we put our plants to bed and throw the tools in the back of the shed and that's it. what can happen is you can end up getting rust and other things that will accumulate over the winter and that's not good. especially with your hand pruners and your shove en. i have this shovel and i've soaked it. it's a good idea to presoak it. >> what is this water? >> it's water. get any of the
9:54 am
access dirt off of the shove en. and take a couple paper towns. you want to make sure it's dry. get back down to the metal. get any of the dirt off. you can take a little bit of the spray or motor oil. work that in. you can do that with your shove en, your pruners, anything that's metal that could rust over the winter. what i like to do is i like to store this. and the reason for that is over the winter the oil will start to dissipate. i like to store it in a bag. you use a regular tie once you've got everything in there. tie this up. keep it tight and
9:55 am
it's going to prevent rust and when you open it up, you are going to have tools just as you left them. >> excellent. >> how about our planters? we've got wonderful decorative planters. what ends up happening is moisture condenses between the planters because we double stack them. if you see here, this planter is showing signs of stress from a freeze. it's going to fall apart. one quick way you can take care of that. take paper towels. it's going to wick the water away. so when you store planters. don't do this outside . out of the elements taking sure you have this paper between them.
9:56 am
it's going to constantly aid in eliminating any excessive moisture. >> we're out of time. >> the big thing about the soils, anything that's compost, use it now. don't store it. it will make mold . and all of your fertilizers do not reuse fertilizers that have any type of a combination. things like pure lime you can store that. but any combination fertilizer, better to start new. >> thank you so much. thomas landscape. follow us on twitter. >> we'll be right back. . alalright let's break it down.
9:57 am
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mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin
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a lot of clouds and cool temperatures too. only upper 40s for daytime highs. jacket weather here to stay through the end of the week. a good looking weekend. it's going to be cool but bright and sunny. >> thank you, tucker. >ry

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